Fritzi's Update

We’ve had the time of our lives creating a wonderful dining experience for you, but unfortunately it’s time to go.

I couldn’t be more proud of Fritzi’s. From the space to the staff to the amazing food, it’s exactly what I set out to do. No compromises, only the best food and experience would do. Thank you deeply to the loyal folks who’ve been eating with us since we opened as well as to the people who are just finding us. We are so grateful. 

We started this to make a lifelong dream come true. Unfortunately we chose a less than ideal time to open, smack in the middle of supply chain woes. On top of the tail end of the pandemic, we ran headlong into plenty of other challenges and problems behind the scenes. While Fritzi’s growth is very strong, unfortunately this drained our reserves and we simply don’t have the resources we need to continue.

Thank you to everyone who made this possible, and thank you to everyone who has supported our journey through this local family’s dream.