Fritzi's cures, bakes, and prepares our food in house for a uniquely delicious bite in Oak Park

Fritzi’s Delicatessen, named after my father, has been a dream of mine throughout my 40 years in the restaurant industry. A large part of that dream is having the opportunity to share with everyone who visits us the joy, the culture, and the community that goes along with this unique style of restaurant. In order to keep the conversations that give great delicatessens their flavor rolling we have decided to use a “dim sum style” ordering system. Once you are seated you’ll be given our menu on which you and your table will be able to select everything you want, specifying the quantity (and in many cases the size) of that particular dish. This way you’ll get to chat about what your favorites are, pick out little bits for everyone at the table to try, or get an extra helping of whatever it is you’re craving.  Don’t worry, you can always order more later!